Tratamientos Térmicos Carreras

Tratamientos Térmicos Carreras
Tratamientos Térmicos Carreras

Tratamientos Térmicos Carreras wins the Prize for Technological Innovation 2003 of the Catalan Autonomous Government”

Tratamientos Térmicos Carreras (TTC), a company member of BAIE specialising in thermal treatments and coatings of semi-processed parts, received on the 1st of October the Prize to Technological Innovation 2003. The prize is awarded by the Catalan Autonomous Government through the CIDEM and was handed in a ceremony in the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, by the Catalan Minister of Employment, Industry, Trade and Tourism. The prize underlines the excellent job done by TTC in managing innovation.

The licenses obtained for advanced coating processes since the 80s, together with TTC’s continous collaboration with universities and technological centers, have been decisive factors in enabling a sustained growth of the company in a very mature and competitive sector through systematic technological innovation.

“GUTMAR wins the 2003 Quality Award from the Catalan Government”
03/07/2003 The aeronautic component manufacturer GUTMAR has been awarded with the 2003 Quality Award from the Catalan Government due to the excellent work done in the improvement of quality, key factor of industrial competitiveness.

The company, dedicated to high precision parts manufacturing and assembly of technological subsets, has been awarded because of his leadership, integrated quality, environment and occupational risk management system, his long term strategic plan efficient management of both process and product quality, and the educational system carried out with its personnel.

More information (in Catalan) “Serra Soldadura wins a contract for the Airbus A380”

The mechanical-systems and tooling Catalan manufacturer Serra Soldadura has won a contract to supply the production line for the horizontal stabiliser -a part of the tail of the aircraft- of the Airbus A380, the superjumbo promoted by the European consortium EADS and British Aerospace.

More info (in Spanish)

“Aeronautical industry outlines startegic plan to take-off”

The best opportunities for the aerospace Catalan industry are likely to be in the Interiors/ Comfort & Avionics/ Software segment for aircraft, according to Barcelona Aeronautics and Space Association (BAIE). Today, catalan aerospace companies have an annual turnover of 72 milion euros, close to a 4% of the total Spanish turnover.

To boost this figure BAIE has designed a Strategic Plan around 4 axis which are looking and exploring market nixes where catalan industries can play a role, facilitating to the associated BAIE companies all necessary tools to achieve contracts, conducting workshops to promote the selected segments of activity, and elaborating a calendar of commercial missions. Coming programmes A380 and A400M need to be used to consolidate the aerospace activity. The creation of an Industrial Technological Park is a long term goal.

“GTD renwes a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA)”

The industrial consortium formed by GTD (Barcelona – Spain), Alcatel Space (France) and Vitriociset (Italy), signed with the Centre Nationale d’Études Spatiales (CNES) a contract valued at 150 million euros for services to be provided during the following 5 years. This contract gives GTD a direct responsibility on the reliability of the Arianne launcher.

“Space technology adds a sparkle: space technology aids wine production on Earth”

Freixenet is using a sensor to improve control over the production of the catalan sparkling wine named Cava.. The sensor measures electrical properties rather than optical ones, and was developed as part of ESA’s MELISSA project . This same sensor will play a crucial in the control of the process to recycle food, oxigen and water in Space trips.

The sensor has been developed by NTE, a company in Barcelona specialising in new technology for space. “When we work for ESA, we always end up developing some new technology because the requirements for space are very strict. We then go looking for terrestrial applications, and often find several” says Jordi Elvira, project manager from NTE.

“Barcelona and Toulouse will create a cooperation axis in aeronautics”

Last week, a French delegation visited Barcelona to have an interview with Mr. Joan Clos, Mayor of Barcelona. From this meeting a compromise stemmed to consolidate an axis Barcelona-Toulouse to cooperate in different fields of the industry, among them aeronautics. Toulouse is the European capital of aeronautics, and Barcelona has a lot to learn and to win from it (or rather recover, since Barcelona had an important aeronautics industry that it lost after the Spanish civil war).

Barcelona, and some already-existing highly-specialized Catalan industrial enterprises, will benefit from subcontracting opportunities in the aerospace programmmes. Toulouse will benefit from a wide logistics base in Barcelona that is consolidating as one of the most important ones in the south of Europe and the Mediterranean arch.

Although the aeronautics sector is at this moment going through a crisis, as a consequence of the terrorist acts against the World Trade Center of New York on the 11th of September, an important growth is nonetheless foreseen in the next years. Among other things, because aircraft are the means of transportation best adapted to the globalization phenomenon.

“GTD awarded a contract to develop the launcher computerised operations in ESA’s launch site of Kourou (French Guyana)”

The Barcelona-based company GTD won an ESA (European Space Agency) contract in August to conduct the computerised operations of preparation, launching and flight control of the Ariane rockets.

The work, that will involve approximately 35 engineers, will take place both in French Guyana and in Barcelona, were the flight programs and the Control Center configurations will be prepared. The contract has a duration of 5 years (2002-2006), and is valued at over 32 million Euros (some 5400 million pesetas).

“BCT signs an agreement with EADS CASA”

The design and engineering firm bct (Barcelona Centre de Tecnologies) will design, develop and calculate aeronautical estructures and tooling for the new A380 and A400M programs for EADS CASA. The agreement will enable BCT to enter the aeronautical industry and also contribute to broaden the supplier base of EADS CASA, in the view of the increase in the share of the european projects.

“GTD awarded the ESA project of advanced control in space missions”

The systems engineering and industrial software company GTD, located in Barcelona, in collaboration with the Portugal-based UNINOVA, has recently been awarded the European Space Agency project for the development and application of advanced methodologies and techniques in Mission Control processes. Some of the innovative techniques that GDT will be developing are fuzzy logics, neuronal networks and genetic algorithms.

“UAB is developing a pilot plant for the ESA project MELISSA”

A laboratory in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), in Bellaterra (near Barcelona), was recently chosen by ESA (European Space Agency) to build and conduct research on a project MELISSA pilot plant that will turn waste produced by humans in a spacecraft into food, oxygen and water. The laboratoty undertaking the research is under the supervision of doctor Francesc Gòdia.

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